Frequent Questions

The company has established sustainability and productive responsibility as the fundamental pillars of the business, throughout the value chain we care about developing a sustainable operation with our environment. In this sense, we monitor and we model impacts of organic matter in sediments, we have equipment to control the loss of uneaten food, we review and clean the seabed, we do beach cleaning days, we control atmospheric emissions, we manage waste, etc. , minimizing environmental impacts.
We have strict protocols and high technology that guarantee a safe operation, as well as we have various certifications that account for the above.

Our company is regulated by different state agencies, and in the regulations there is an environmental monitoring and report, called INFA, which is mandatory for each farm, and where the bottom and its oxygenation (impacts) are monitored. It is necessary to explain that the Report is made by third parties, it is supervised by Sernapesca and that if you go wrong here you will not be able to operate the place anymore, then it is super important, to take care of the cultivation centers in order to continue operating.
On the other hand, our company has more than 100 concessions to be able to carry out our seawater stage, however, we only use about 34, so we are rotating the places to allow the total recovery of the seabed.
In the event of any loss of material, it is recovered with submarine robots and ship support.

Positive. The various actions that our company performs on a daily basis have a strong productive and social component. On the one hand, internally with our workers, but also with the community of which we are part. Both our organizational principles and our permanent intention is to be part of and support the social fabric, therefore we regularly seek to participate and contribute to our neighbors, organizations and society as a whole.
In that sense, we have just created the Community Relations Deputy Manager, which is going to help us go a long way in consolidating a long-term relationship with the communities neighboring our operations.