The best salmon in the world

These days people of the world are opting for rich, healthy, and, above all, sustainable protein. We produce salmon that is unique in flavor and quality, taking care of the details at every step along the way.

More than 30 years of experience

We produce salmon for the world, with all the freshness and magic of the frozen waters of southern Chile. We deliver an unrivaled product, including whole salmon, fillets, portions, and high value-added developments in our Consumer Products division.

Healthy eating as a lifestyle

In accordance with global consumer trends, we develop a healthy product with many beneficial qualities, so that people with a variety of lifestyles can experience unforgettable moments together.

On the tables of the world

Our experience has generated the trust of clients from more than 30 countries, adding value to their business with a world-class product.

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Food Safety

We have the highest standards and certifications in food safety throughout our value chain

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We are vertically integrated; our Chain of Custody assures our customers and consumers that our salmon is monitored and traced from the ova to the final product.

Experience in Flavor

We produce a product that is unique in flavor, color and texture, which is of the highest quality and satisfies the specific needs of each market in which we are present.

Sales contact

Jorge Goles

New Business Development Director

Phone: +1 (786) 931-1341


Location: Waterford Way Suite 510 Miami, FL 33126