What makes us sustainable?

We work to make the best salmon in the world, placing sustainability at the center of our business, where we manage our impacts and generate value for our shareholders and for society. We are committed to carrying out our operations in such a way that allows us to promote the preservation of our home: Chilean Patagonia.

The protein of the future

Farmed salmon is one of the most eco-efficient and sustainable animal proteins in the world. Its low carbon footprint and the low amount of water consumption required in its production stand out as positive factors. Facing the food needs of the world, our salmon provides a source of healthy and environmentally friendly protein.

Sustainable Operations

We have understood sustainability as an integral and central part of our business, which we develop with high production standards, contributing positively to the development of the environment in which we operate.

Escapes prevention

We farm our fish with dedication, using high-quality infrastructure that is resistant to the harshest climates in order to contain and protect our fish throughout the production cycle.

Seabed free of debris

We keep the seabed in all our farming centers free of inorganic waste, thanks to rigorous and systematic inspections carried out simultaneously by different vessels and services.

Clean beaches

In line with our care for the environment and the communities neighboring our operations, we carry out cleaning operations of coastal edges on a regular basis.

Community Bonding

We work to form solid and long-term relationships with local communities, and seek to contribute to their development and quality of life.







Active Management with the community

We build links with the relevant social actors in the territory, through ongoing communication, building trust and harmonious development.

Social Investment for development

We contribute to the social and economic development of the territories in which we are present, in alliance with civil society, the state and other public and private organizations.

Care for the Environment

We promote educational instances and associative experiences to create in our neighboring communities and collaborators on the ground a culture of respect and care for the planet.

Certifications and memberships

We have the most demanding international certifications, which certify our commitment to standardized, efficient and responsible management of our processes and products.

Projects of a high standard

Circular Economy, awareness of climate change and conscious use of raw materials, all form part of our high-performance engines.

We are aware of the environmental and social benefits that the development of the circular economy brings. At Multi X we have committed to avoiding sending waste to sanitary landfills and to value waste, via reuse or recycling.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity.

In our company, whilst aware of this situation,

we carry out the “Multi X Climate Action Strategy”

Use of Renewable Energy

Emission reduction program

Reduction in oil use

Farming & processing technology evaluation

In consideration of our conscious and sustainable approach to

the use of resources, we promote the use of high-quality sustainable

raw materials in the feeding of our fish.


Fish oil

Fish flour

Fish in Fish out

We assume our responsibility to achieve the United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals.

Our operations are in line with several of them.